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Cathedral Peak Hikes

We have embarked on hikes to Cathedral Peak on four occasions.

18 July 2017: Cameron Hofer, Michaela Geytenbeek

8 October 2017: Channing Smith, Bryce Rawlins, Tarryn Holcomb, Nicky Rodseth, Jason van Pletzen, Cole Knowles, Tristan Knowles, Michaela Geytenbeek

30 July 2018: Steph Lambert, Craig Berrange, Gareth Crouch, Scott Rogers, Jarred Visser, Lana Challenor, Lize, Michaela Geytenbeek

26 February 2019: Graeme Holliday, Katie Pillinger, Kaylee Smit

The path up to Cathedral Peak is exceptionally clear which allows easy and quick walking. You leave from the Hotel and walk down towards the dirt road. The first section of the path is signposted. The posts end just before the first river crossing. The first 1km sees very gradual climbing as you walk towards the Bhemana Valley. After about 3km there is a faint path leading up to your left and Sherman’s Cave. The last water source is shortly after this and generally warrants a quick snack and refill stop. Then you climb. Hill upon hill up towards Orange Peel Gap. However, it’s the views not the climb that take your breath away. Orange Peel Gap is a shady gully that is tops out at approximately 2400m asl. Reaching the top, you gain a view of the mnweni area. You instantly feel disconnected from society and reconnected to nature. The next 2km are level and exceptionally enjoyable. Turning the final corner Cathedral Peak and Bugger Gully become visible. Once you reach the top of Bugger Gully the path veers to your left. Now the fun starts. The summit of Cathedral Peak is very exposed and requires scrambling. It is not safe to do in wet conditions and on one occasion we had to turn around at this point due to wet rocks. If one does not have a head for heights, stop here.

A few rock scrambles, a chain ladder and easy walking, and you are standing on the summit of Cathedral Peak at 3005m asl. The view stretches from Devil’s Tooth in the Northern Berg to Monks Cowl in Central Berg. Magnificent. The 20km hike generally takes 8-11hours to complete depending on the groups fitness.

Walking along the ridgeline

Orange Peel Gap

Looking up at Bugger Gully

The start of the scramble

Just short of the summit

That feeling of stock!

Summit views

Cam Hofer looking towards Mnweni

Here are a couple of comments from our hikers of their experience of the Cathedral Peak hike:

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of getting to the top of Cathedral Peak, and there would have been a couple of potential turn-around spots if it wasn't for the awesome guidance and encouragement from Michaela. The view from the top is well worth the slightly nerve-wracking attempts at rock climbing near the summit, and the beauty leading up to that point is truly spectacular. It was a long day coming from Durban in the morning to reach the summit and make it back down before sunset. And the fitness levels were definitely tested a little, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. What an incredible day with special people!

-Kaylee Smit

Beautiful hike with unobstructed panoramic views all the way up the mountain, complete with a rock scramble at the top for the more adventurous. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a swim in cathedral pool afterwards

-Cameron Hofer

My climb up cathedral peak was a great experience from the night before staying over in a hillside cabin to the gradual hike the next day. Although myself not getting to the very top was a awesome day out and something new

-Gareth Crouch


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