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Upcoming Hikes

24-25 February: Long mountain trail run in Underberg

  • Day 1: Phinong and Sani Pass Loop (about 32km) (advanced)

  • Day 2: either a run to Pillar Cave or a hike up Rhino Peak (intermediate)

9-10 March: Long mountain trail run in Mnweni

  • Day 1: Hanging Valleys & Manxome (about 40km; 16hours)

  • Day 2: run up the koppie (1hr45min)

  • advanced

27 March-2 April: Grand Traverse

  • 5 day GT, so approx 45km/day

  • advanced

  • unsupported

20 - 21 April: Kinship Hike to Sunshine Cave, Mnweni (6km each way)

  • child friendly


9 - 12 May: Mafadi

  • Day 1:Hike to Centenary Hut (about 13km; 800m elevation gain)

  • Day 2: Summit Mafadi and spend the night in Upper Injisuthi Cave (18km, 1000m elevation gain)

  • Day 3: Descend Leslies Pass and spend the night at Marble Baths Cave (16km, 1300m elevation loss)

  • Day 4: return to Injiusthi campsite (8km)

  • intermediate

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