"Let's see what's around the corner". Those are the words that my stepfather uttered to me on my first hike at age 15 and so began my love for the mountains. Since then I have spent my free time exploring the Drakensberg, gaining an understanding and respect for the area. Back in the real world, I am a candidate MPhil in Sustainable Development (focusing on Integrating Nature in the Education Curriculum).

The idea of PathFinders_SA came to me while nursing a cup of coffee and admiring the sun peep over Devil's Tooth in the Northern Drakensberg. The Tugela falls were swirling next to me and the clouds raising to meet the falling water. I was totally consumed by the beauty of my surroundings and the feeling of freedom, peace and serenity that coursed through my veins. It's a feeling that cannot be described; and a feeling that I realised everyone ought to feel at least once in their life.

My love of the mountains encouraged me to complete my GASG Adventure Guiding Certification, and so I am a qualified mountain guide. 

Michaela Geytenbeek

PathFinders_SA founder